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Moon17 泡泡染(12包入) 枫糖红 - 附赠品 View larger

Moon17 泡泡染(12包入) 枫糖红 - 附赠品


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Moon17 Brand story

[Product Description]

Moon17 bubble hair color is ideal for grey/white hair coverage to create natural, long lasting hair color in only 15 minutes time.It is simple and easy which you can do it yourself even when taking bath.

It's shampoo texture create convenient and efficiently penetrate into grey/white hair without harmful ingredient such as ammonia & PPD ( allergic ingredient).

Each pack contain hair color, user manual , glove. 

It is recommended : 1 pack ( short hair), 2 packs ( medium hair), 3 packs ( long hair)

3D 技术升级,盖过白发!盖过布丁头!打破你对传统染发的观念,结合天然草本精华、创新技术打造出染发新风潮,3阶段染发渐进式,以洗发、染发、护发三大概念同时进行,不必担心染后髮丝毛躁、分岔、断裂、上色不均、气味刺鼻等问题,泡泡染发乳4D全方位不放过任何角落均匀上色,绝不会有没染到的地方,染发同时修护发质损伤,呈现光润迷人般的色彩。


Type1 -  长年染髮 长期染髮导致秀髮粗硬、打结等。适合每2~3个月就染髮者。

Type2  - 工作狂人 睡觉都不够,何况髮质。适合生活忙碌又没时间去美髮沙龙者。

Type3  -  特殊需求 平常很少染髮,髮质中等。适合临时得染髮又怕伤髮质者。

It is available in 3 colors:

1) Black 

2) Amber Brown

3) Maple Red

Volumn:12ml + 12 ml. 

Main Benefit : 

1) Contain natural herbal extract : Herbal Henna Powder, Argant Oil, Ginseng extract to protect your hair .

2) ECO Cert Certified natural ingredient sodium lauryl ether sulfate.

Product FAQ

1)If my hair color is dark originally, can i use natural brown or sugar red?

Yes you can. If you wish to change your whole hair color to natural brown or sugar red, you may need to leave the hair for 15-20 minutes after apply.The dark color hair will be slightly lighter than before. 

If you wish to cover white hair only, leave it for 15 minutes and mostly all the white color hair will be covered . Most of the time, your original dark color hair will remain or be a bit lighter, thus create a nice highlight hair color .

2) It is recommended : 1 pack ( short hair), 2 packs ( medium hair), 3 packs ( long hair)

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