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超值1盒20颗 1颗可用2/3次 可当水洗面膜,可当睡眠面膜使用


症状1 - 面部出油,易长痘痘 - 辐射导致

症状2 - 皮肤暗沉,没气色,别人都说你无精打采 - 环境污染

症状3 - 角质更新不规则,皮肤干燥而摸上去粗粗的 - 你压力非常大

症状4 - 化妆不贴妆,毛孔粗大,别人都说你脸黑黑时 - 你经常熬夜

安米娜樱花修护冻膜是适合男女老少使用的,如果你没接触电子辐射,晚上9 点关灯睡觉,带面罩出街,这样的你就可能不需要我们这款冻膜




Value 1 box 20 1 2/3 times the available water can be used as the mask, can be used as a sleep mask

Skin condition following four symptoms you need Anmyna Cherry Blossom Repairing Mask

Symptom 1 - facial oil, acne prone - radiation lead

Symptom 2 - dull skin, no color, others say you are depressed - environmental pollution

Symptom 3 - Peeling irregular, dry skin feels rough - you the pressure is very large

Symptom 4 - makeup makeup does not stick, large pores, black face when people say you - you always stay

Anmyna Cherry Blossom Repairing Mask is suitable for men and women to use, if you do not have contact with electron radiation, 21:00 turn off the lights to sleep with a mask out of the street, so you may not need us this Gelly

With age, the environmental impact, the most serious factor on the phone late at night and a longer period, radiation-induced dry skin yellowish

The cherry Mask painted with water drops on the skin is personal, some people will burst water, and some people will be a small amount of water drops. This is because this repair Gelly for different skin types to achieve the best repair


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